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The Story Of

BoxFort comprises a group of young filmmakers who met while attending Chapman University. Over the years, we've directed, produced, and acted in each other's films, allowing us to become extremely versatile in DIY filmmaking.


In May 2020, we graduated into a pandemic and felt completely lost. We had no jobs, we were separated from each other, and we had no idea what the future held for us. 


After months of uncertainty, we decided to try something that was, in retrospect, a bit insane: make a feature film in four weeks. One of us had a family cabin in rural Colorado, collectively we had a few cameras and lights from our film school days, and absolutely no worldly responsibilities. What could go wrong?


Naturally, the story completely changed within two days of arriving at the cabin. And in the year that followed, it continued to morph into a most atrocious amalgamation of our fears from that very uncertain period of our lives.


Since that fateful fall of 2020, we’ve all gone on to different corners of the country. Some moved to Los Angeles, some to the Pacific Northwest, and some to the East Coast. While we’re no longer together like we were in our college days, AMAT (A Most Atrocious Thing) has kept us in each other’s lives. This film is a true collaboration in every sense of the word.


Over the course of our ever-changing schedule, we each went from being a cinematographer in the morning, to sound mixer at lunch, and then lead actor after dinner. Everyone on this crew wore each hat at least once, making the collaboration in front of and behind the camera all the more enriching. And fun.


For gear, we luckily had two Blackmagic 4K cameras to work with. But for lighting and special effects, we had to get creative. That’s where Walmart came into play. It was the only supermarket within a day’s travel, and supplied us with all the halloween makeup, costuming, and lighting materials we needed. Turns out, a Walmart bedsheet, some clips, and an ornate lamp are all you need to light a terrifying zombie attack scene.


Two years later, we finally finished the film. We're getting much closer to sharing this project with the world. So please, stay in touch, we cannot wait for you to experience it!


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